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Get to know Gill Education Primary’s Fireworks English programme and learn more about how this revolutionary English language programme could be your complete package.

What genres are included?

Fireworks English programme includes a wide range of genres:

  • fiction
  • non-fiction
  • drama
  • poetry
  • nursery rhymes
  • fairy tales
  • songs

Can I use Fireworks alongside my phonics programme?

Yes. Fireworks acknowledges that many different phonics programmes are used in Irish schools including Jolly Phonics. Fireworks English programme is therefore designed to be used alongside any phonics programme and does not assume the introduction of phonic sounds in any particular order.


Are there resources for the Interactive Whiteboard and digital projector?

Yes. Fireworks English programme has ground-breaking interactive CDs for use by the whole class on the Interactive Whiteboard or digital projector. Each CD includes up to 16 separate eBooks with read-along text and colourful illustrations.


Each eBook also has an interactive activity to consolidate aspects of oral language and comprehension, plus worksheets and teacher notes.

eBooks are fully interactive:

  • read and listen word-by-word, page-by-page or as a whole story
  • record your own narration or a class performance of the story
  • print off the story to facilitate shared reading

Audio for the read-along texts are provided by master storyteller Niall de Burca and actors Liz Watchorn and Fiona Curry.


Why is there no class reader at junior levels?

Fireworks English programme is designed to be used alongside your parallel readers so that each child can read at their own pace.


Our research shows that junior class readers can be a source of frustration for teachers, parents and pupils. For some children, the one-size-fits-all readers are too easy, for others they are too difficult. Fireworks English programme is designed to be used alongside your existing parallel readers so that each child can read at their own pace. With Fireworks English programme, there is no requirement for the parent to buy a class reader from junior infants to second class. Instead, your class readers are now fantastic digital eBooks provided on CD-ROMs to be read, listened to and interacted with by the whole class. Consolidation activities for each eBook are provided in the pupil’s books.


By properly integrating the digital and print content, we have significantly reduced the cost of this English programme to the parents and made whole class reading interactive and fun.


What do the Junior Level pupil’s books do?

The pupil’s books at Junior Levels provide all the language and skill development required for consolidation and assessment including:

  • fine motor skills
  • left to right orientation
  • pre-reading and pre-writing skills
  • comprehension
  • process writing and language skills

What are the audio books?

We have recorded a number of the fiction excerpts from the senior class anthologies. Master storyteller Niall de Burca and actors Liz Watchorn and Fiona Curry have produced fun and engaging recordings which can be listened to free of charge, either at home or in the classroom. Simply log onto: or click here.


Can I use Fireworks with literacy initiatives like Literacy Lift Off and Power Hour?

Yes. Fireworks English programme is well suited to these initiatives at Junior Levels. The interactive CDs can be used for whole class work and can then lead easily into station teaching using your parallel readers. The texts from the eBooks can be printed off and used in groups for shared reading.


Who are the authors?

Fireworks English programme has been developed by experienced Irish authors:

  • John Hartnett (Primary school teacher, Bookcase author)
  • Eithne Kennedy (Lecturer, St Pat’s College of Education, Bookcase author)
  • Paddy O’Doherty (Children’s literature expert, Bookcase author).
  • Michael O’Reilly (Primary school teacher, Bookcase author and contributor to intouch)
  • Eileen Phelan (Primary school teacher and Bookcase author)
  • Caroline Quinn (Primary school principal and Bookcase author)
  • Janna Tiearney (experienced teacher and Lift Off author)



We have worked very closely with a number of teachers and schools to develop the Fireworks English programme. In particular we would like to acknowledge the invaluable input of teachers Tricia Ní Coitir, Orla O’Neill, Clare O’Reilly, Leta Milligan, Maura Lane, Anne Traynor and retired inspector Eamon Cotter, along with help of Denise Ryan, a literacy consultant from Australia, who all reviewed and contributed to this programme. Special thanks to Margaret Connolly for her work in rewriting some stories.

If you have any questions in relation to the Fireworks English programme, please do not hesitate to contact your local Fireworks rep.

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