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Information for Parents

Gill Education recognises that children today are exposed to animation, fantastic graphic art and world class audio all the time. It’s clear that textbooks on their own don’t provide this kind of stimulation. By blending 21st century digital technology with highly attractive textbooks, we believe we have made a new paradigm of educational resources possible.

Gill Education Primary’s Fireworks English programme bridges the gap between children’s educational experience and the rich media and online environment to which they are continually exposed today. Fantastic artworks, audio and activities for use by the whole class on the Interactive Whiteboard combine with highly attractive books that further develop language and comprehension skills. The overall impact is a great blended learning experience which will also be cheaper for parents through the replacement of printed readers with digital eBooks for the first time in Ireland.


Fantastic range of high-interest fiction and non-fiction texts to engage your child

  • Fireworks English programme promotes a love of reading through engaging fiction, non-fiction, drama and poetry
  • Beautifully illustrated throughout the junior level eBooks and in the anthologies in the Senior Classes
  • Audio versions of some of the texts that you can access FREE from home
  • Includes the finest in real children’s literature from Roald Dahl to Eoin Colfer


Significant savings for your booklist!


We have significantly reduced the cost of this new English programme to parents:

  • Our research shows that the one-size-fits-all approach to class readers frustrates many teachers, parents and pupils
  • Fireworks has no class reader from Junior Infants to 2nd class. Instead, the class readers are now properly integrated digital eBooks on CD-ROM, to be read, listened to and interacted with by the whole class at school
  • Your child will still read real books from the school’s range of carefully graded parallel readers. These may often be read at home
  • From 3rd-6th Class we have combined the non-fiction book with the anthology so there’s one less book for parents to buy



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