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Senior Programme

From 3rd Class through to 6th Class, your pupils will be both enthralled and engaged by the wide range of interesting fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama in the Senior Anthologies combined with brilliant Skills Books that develop writing and comprehension skills in a thoroughly engaging way.

Unedited and unabridged fiction pieces by well-known children’s authors such as Roald Dahl, Roddy Doyle and Eoin Colfer and many others are included.


Each anthology includes ’Before Reading’, ’During Reading’ and ’After Reading’ questions to encourage discussion and good reading strategies.


The ’After Reading’ questions start by relating directly to the text with simple recall questions from the story. They then develop to encourage more complex recall from the story and then to more open questions requiring reading ‘between the lines’ of the piece. These questions are great conversation starters for your class. Finally the questions move beyond the story and on to the real world. The answers to these are not contained within the text and these questions encourage pupils to think about the real world through the theme of the story or a particular topic or issue.


Each Senior Anthology is supported by a Skills Book which develops your pupils’ written comprehension, process writing and mini skills.


Comprehensive teacher support is provided in teacher’s handbooks.

  • Extensive support for school planning
  • Curriculum objectives
  • Extension and differentiation ideas
  • Assessment support

The Fireworks website has specially commissioned audio recordings of some favourite excerpts from the senior anthologies. Audio for these read-along texts is provided by master storyteller Niall de Burca and actors Liz Watchorn and Fiona Curry.

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